Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jaimes is a very busy guy. He hosts several parties a week in his place, does a land office business!

They have beautiful pastry and bakery good down here. The cakes a just delicious, but I'm NOT eating any...too much sugar for me! Not the others.....they can tell you better how they taste!

We had an excellent meal here, and this cook and waiter treated us right. More food than we could eat

It's not "Coopers", but it's good, in a different sort of way. And, a LOT cheaper

There are many old cars in this condition around here. It's amazing, they actually sometime did them out and get them going!

Pat just loves baby animals! I thought see was going to buy these chicks. Not a bad idea, but they wouldn't be large enough to eat by the time we leave.

Thise are some baby chick we saw on the street. Very cute! I think the colored hatched out of Easter eggs!

This is for the Canadian VROC folks, thought you'd like the Winnigeg sign. The lady that ovens our rental lives in Canada. I'm in a computer shop now that is owned by a guy from Windsor.

Karen having an ipiffany (or how ever you spell it)

This chair is where I sit when I am using free wi-fi. Sometimes I can get a signal here, sometimes not. There are 4 or 5 places I can pay to use. Prices vary a lot.

One of our breakfast's in town. We'll still be eating out most of the time, but we'll be doing our own some too. This was an excellent meal, as usual

Preston is listening to his Spanish lessons. He's been doing this for several years. This Thursday, he's starting a formal school here in town to learn it properly. We're hoping he does well, it would make life easier, although we haven't had any propblems communicating.

Tjis vendor is selling tiny violins. He can play them pretty well too!

Karen in her Mexico hat. This trip, she doesn't have to worry about it getting crushed in a saddlebag!

The house just anound the corner from us has 2 of these noisy birds! They must shout at each other, because they sure make a lot of weird sounds. Loud too.

This is Karen's first swim in the ocean for this trip. The water is warm, but the waves are a little rough in this area. The beach is better just a little way south, but ours's is pretty nice.

Our kitchen at home. All this food was delivered by people coming to our gate and selling. Except the Sangria, which Karen and Preston is becoming quite fond of . Pat and Karen make a gallon, half red wine, a little water, some sprite, and a lot of cut of oranges, pinapples, and other fruit.

This is inside Jaimie's bar, a local restaurant and watering hold that caters to the local Canadian population, of which there are MANY!

A couple of kids in our neighborhood. This is probably the nicest looking house on the street below us.

There are dozens of dogs around where we live, and all over town. This little girl lives about a block from us.

The paved street is the main North/South Highway. About 40 miles south is Puerto Vallarta. This is a common site. In fact, we have horses go by our hours at all hours of the night and day.

We spent the first couple of days cleaning everything. Pat is busy with some Calla Lillys that were in the house.

This is our street. There will be a lot of pictures of the neighborhood as time goes on.

Our maid, she helped with the initial cleaning, but Pat's the real cleaner, so had to follow up on everything after she had gone. We're getting a new one next week. We told the lady that is now managing the rental that we didn't need one, but it comes in the price.

My "Corner" of our bedroom. No internet, but at least it's a place to put the computer and "stuff"

The flowers are hanging heavy, but all needed a good trim up. We collected 4 huge bags of trash, and the Brasura (garbage) man charged us a little less than 40 cents to haul it off. Note Karen's glove. We didn't have garden gloves, so she was using a oven mit to protect her tender little hands.

We were busy trimming the patio, and had to take a break. Pat just keeps on working.

This is a hotel on the beach, there is a long line of them, just to the South of our beach.

This is a typical "Booze cruize" boat. The little black spot in the water is Karen. Remember you can click on the pictures to make them larger. We went on a Booze Cruise 3 or 4 years ago, didn't know what it was. We had a destination, and all the drinks you wanted were included. We had lunch, and returned. By the time we got back to the dock, we couldn't hear anything (loud music) Couldn't see anything (too many tiny dancing Bikini's, and probably the only sober ones on board!